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A Sign of Love - Rain

I have to tell you something... God loves my little boy, Josiah. God shows His love in so many ways (sometimes very mysterious). I am grateful that God is a personal God and wants us to know Him. He also wants us to know just how much He loves us. One way that God shows me that He loves me is... RAIN! It may seem silly to some, but to me, whenever I start feeling 'alone' or 'discouraged' I pray for rain. Now, I live in El Paso, Texas where rain is as scarce as trees ;-) Anyway, it's been quite a regular occurrence where God comes through when I pray - He is so kind to me.

Okay, so, a few days ago, my son Josiah comes to me and says, "Dad, is it ever going to rain again? I really miss the rain. I told him, "Well bud, let's just pray and see what God does. He always seems to make it rain whenever I need Him too. So, let's ask God for rain." So, right there we did, we prayed for rain! Now, it's been really hot and sunny and there's been no chance of rain in our forecast...

BUT... of course, this morning, Mother's Day 2020, as we are getting ready for our online service my kids come in from outside telling me that it was sprinkling outside. Of course, I'm not believing them, but sure enough, it was doing just that! Just amazing! Then, all day it kinda rained... until, later, when two of my kids went for a run, it just started pouring like crazy! Of course, I remember his little prayer and I immediately thanked God for showing my son just how much God loves him. Thank You, Lord Jesus for showing us in so many ways just how much You love us!

When you need a touch from the Lord... When you need to be reminded of God's love... Just pray! Have the faith of a child and pray! God loves you so much! And, so do I, drjbd

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