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She Still Said, 'Yes'!

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

What an incredible ride! Our Journey together has been one awesome adventure that has only gotten better with time. (Here is just a glimpse of how our life together began.)

It was a beautiful day between classes at our college in Southern California. I saw her sitting there in the Commons area and my heart skipped a beat. I was a 22 year old 5th year senior, she was an 18 year old freshman; but in that moment all I saw was the woman God created for me. So, I did what any 'sane' guy would do. I walked up to her, looked her straight in the eye and said, "Hi, my name is Jesse, I know you may not know who I am, but I want you to know that before 1992 is over, you are going to be my wife." She aptly replied, "What is your name again?" I reiterated what I said and walked away. To make a long story short... we were married on December 30th, 1992! 26+ years later, I am still the most blessed man on earth.

I'll be honest... it's hard to believe she said 'yes'... Okay, here's our story. After classes ended that semester, she returned home to Texas and began to prepare for our wedding. I; however, graduated, moved into the attic of a local church, pastored a youth and music ministry, and was also the janitor of the church. I had a few pieces of furniture and a little bit of money set aside. Then, two months before we were to be married, I called her with some news. I wasn't sure how she would take it but I knew I had to tell her. (Before I tell you what happened, you need to understand that this kind of behavior has become commonplace in our lives.) Okay, on with the story. I called her and let her know that a little family came by the church and needed help, so, I gave them all my furniture and I also gave them all my money. There was silence on the line... After she got off the floor, to my amazement, she confirmed her faith and love. I was more than just relieved... I was emboldened... so, I told her the other news... Yes, there was something else I needed to tell her. I was a little apprehensive, but thought, "Hey, she took that news pretty good, maybe she'll be okay with this one." I proceeded to tell her that I had quit my job and was believing God about an opportunity to candidate for another position in Perris, California. Again, there was silence... Longer story short - she still said, 'yes' to marry me! So, our honeymoon was a trip to Perris, California to candidate for a job position in a church - so romantic!

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