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Entitlement Still Requires Grace

Living in the USA is a real blessing. We have amenities coming out our ears, we have an exuberant amount of choices for just about anything. From Denny’s to Village Inn to IHop – just for pancakes… are you kidding me! For someone who grew up in just about any other part of the world, America would be Utopia.

The other side of the blessing to be in the USA is the feeling of entitlement for the things that we want. From the wine and dine treatment at a Country Club to customer service at Burger King – we feel we deserve to be treated as special. I don’t know that I have a huge problem with that, especially when I’m the one doing the spending. However, whatever happened to people being gracious? I mean, come on, give people a break! Frankly, it’s embarrassing to see people act like they deserve to be treated like royalty, thinking that they are doing the shop a favor by spending their money there. I’ve heard the saying, “The customer is always right!” Problem is, it’s not always true! And so what if it is true… You don’t have to take advantage of that… just relax, be patient, and be gracious. Instead of getting all mad that they didn’t get your order right; smile, tell the teller or waitress that it’s okay, and walk them through the issue with grace. You’ll be surprised at how far that will go. And if it doesn’t work out – try this… just take the hurt and with grace, move on.

Honestly, we really need to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We need to be kind and courteous when others are rude and arrogant. Your smile and words of encouragement might be what they would need to see that their own behavior should change. Who knows? Be Gracious!

Just a word of encouragement

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