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Who Am I?

I often question my place in this world. Am I worth the trouble? Am I living up to the potential that people have always told me I had? I’ve wondered many a times, is there anything in me that can make a difference… after all, I’m really a nobody in a little corner of the universe that seems quite insignificant.

The truth of the matter is; I don’t feel special; I don’t have any extraordinary gifts; I am certainly not a person of great wealth. Frankly, I don’t see how my life really can make a difference. (Anybody feel that way?) I’ve been looking in the Scripture to see how the insignificant became the significant. I’ve been looking at several passages of people who for whatever reason was called out by God to accomplish HIS tasks.

What I found was, the people who made the greatest impacts didn’t necessarily have the most to offer. What they did have (regardless of how much or how little) however; was AVAILABLE. Listen, most often, “It is the insignificant that becomes the most significant…”

Look at some of them with me… • Adam an Eve – the parents of mankind • Noah and his family – builds a boat to save humanity • Moses and Aaron – leads God’s people out of bondage • The Widow at Zarephath – gives Elijah her and her son’s last meal • Rebekah (Isaac’s Wife) offered water to Abraham’s servant and camels • David – A young shepherd becomes the King of a nation (God’s People) • Jonah – brings a city to it’s knees in repentance • Elizabeth – in her old age, gives birth to John the Baptist • The inn-keeper – giving refuge to a pregnant woman • Joseph and Mary – the parents of the Messiah • The shepherds – first to hear the Good News • The Small Child – offers his meal to feed thousands • The Apostles in Matthew 10 – Good News & Good Deeds • The Apostles in Matthew 28 – Great Commission • Annanias – Prayer over Saul so he could receive his sight back • The list goes on and on…

Here are some things that I found profound. 1. They were ordinary people 2. They didn’t have much to offer 3. God didn’t give them a warm-up try 4. When God called on them to act…. They DID! 5. This really impacted me: God trusted them to use what they had to accomplish something great for HIM

The question becomes: when God comes to calling, can He trust me to step up? Go through the list of those who said yes to God and see what the results were…

The truth is, we don’t think we’re smart enough, ready enough, financially set enough, holy enough – or whatever… And honestly, I hope none of us ever feel like we are. It’s good to be in a place of dependence… The point for us is; BE AVAILABLE when God comes to call.

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